Exxon Coral – All Grafts Laid Bare

Leandro Flaherty painting Exxon Tiger

91” x 55”. Oil and mixed-media on canvas. 2008
Available for sale

Of the 100 largest economies in the world, there are more corporations than countries; Exxon Mobil (also know as Esso internationally) is among the largest. I wanted to visualize their growth though the lens of Ecology as a natural, emergent living structure. Ad infinitum to a cell, to an organ, to body, to social group, to nation, to international conglomerates, ad infinitum. The Exxon Tiger Logo was arranged following the logarithmic growth of Coral; An ironically appropriate & opposing metaphor.




Leandro Flaherty - Exxon Coral drawing.

20” x 27”. Acrylic, ink and graphite on paper, 2009.